Tech and Gear

Chibitronics Chibitronics isn't just fun to say, the products are sooo much fun for "little makers" to learn the basics of electronics using bits and pieces they are familiar with in crafty ways.
Schematics & PCBs
AVR Atmel
Genuino Once upon a time the Arduino ecosystem was a lot simpler to understand. There was a, erm, rift between the origin Arduino team which lead to the creation of the "Genuino" brand by Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles for the purpose of selling boards and products outside the US.
Makey Makey Makey Makey - one of Earth's favorite interactive electronics kits. We're here to help with all your <a href="">Makey Makey</a> questions!
Core Electronics
MSP Microcontrollers
PIC Microchip
littleBits littleBits are so incredibly fun, we have them at all of our expo's and are always a hit with young makers. The bits snap together with magnets and are intuitive to use - it's the perfect storm for learning electronics. Each kit is purposefully designed with endless possibilities for follow-on projects.
Seeed Studio
Pololu Pololu are located in glorious Las Vegas, Nevada. That's a long way away, so we've got all the gear from <a href="">Pololu in Australia</a> ready for your next project.
Particle We throw the term "IoT' around a lot, it stands for "Internet of Things". Particle are hands down, hats off, the best IoT ecosystem we've seen. From Wifi to 3G, programming devices over the air has never been so easy, or fun!
Sparkfun We've got the entire range of gear from <a href=""><strong>Sparkfun in Australia</strong></a> in our catalogue! Nate and the Sparkfun team are based in Colorado - and while they are always happy to help - so are we!
Lulzbot When we think "Lulzbot" topics that come to mind are "precise, durable, adaptable, fun!". Earth pretty much agrees given the incredibly warm welcome that every iteration of device released by Lulzbot. With a completely open source approach to business, Lulzbot have created an ecosystem that has moved incredibly fast into very matured devices that are trusted by educators, hobbyists and professionals around the world.
DFRobot DFRobot are some great mates in Shanghai that have been behind the maker movement since 2008. They've introduced hundreds hundreds of parts and kits that are both affordable and useful.
Product Questions Have questions about a Core Electronics product? This is the place to be.
Arduino It all started with an 8-bit microcontroller platform in an Italian university and a weekend of ideas. Soon after, the Arduino Uno arrived and the rest was history! We're official resellers for <a href="">Arduino in Australia</a> and are here to help with your product questions.
Raspberry Pi On February 29, 2012 the first Raspberry Pi was launched. Little did Earth know just how generally awesome that little credit card computing platform would change the world! We stock official gear from Raspberry Pi in Australia along with creative bits and pieces from all your favorite brands.
3D Printing Talk shop about 3D Printing, we'd love to hear about your projects, questions and tips!
Adafruit Look no further for <a href="">Adafruit in Australia</a>. Limor "Ladyada" Fried is the founder of Adafruit and her vision way back then was to create the best place to learn electronics online. Well, we're all pretty sure she has achieved that with the help of her wonderful team.

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