A stepper motor for a rainfall simulator

Our company is going to build a new Rainfall Simulator for soil erosion experiment. We are looking to buy a heavy-duty step motor with controller that could drive an oscillation movement of a metal (aluminum 1.25- or 1.5-inch diameter) pipe with four H1/2U - 80100 Veejet Spray nozzles installed on it, the nozzles oscillate through = 105-110 degree angle and the middle 67 degree applies raindrops should hit the actual soil flume.
In a previous version of this rainfall simulator, they used a 12V DC electric stepper motor (1 Amp with 25:1 reduction gearbox) with a digital controller to control the movement.
Could you, please, give us your suggestion for a suitable stepper motor for this system.

Thanks a lot for your time and best regards.


Hi Ashraf,

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Any electro-mechanical system can be hard to size up just through numbers, would it be possible to grab a link or part number of the motor that you currently have installed? From there we can take a look at the torque and speed outputs after the gearbox.


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