ADA4715 Capture Card issue

I am in Australia, which, in the old analog TV days, used the PAL system, running at 50 FPS (I think), due to the 50Hz mains frequency.
So I am trying to capture VHS video tapes, recorded in PAL, using OBS software, installed on a Linux Mint OS.
It seems to be working, but there is one problem.
The digital video footage coming from the capture card, and the recorded output, continuously alternates, every 1 to 2 seconds, between full colour and monochrome (black and white).
I spent a full evening experimenting with all the various settings in the OBS software, but the problem still persists.
So, I suspect that the capture card is actually not PAL compatible, as advertised.
Does anyone have any suggestions for making this work?
I looked closely at the capture card, hoping to find a small slide switch, to change it from NTSC to PAL mode, but there doesn’t seem to be one.
Full colour is preferred, of course, but even monochrome would be acceptable, if it was continuous.

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Hi Bruce,

Looks like others have had a similar issue with an almost identical capture card (likely the same under the hood):

Have a read through that thread to see if any of the fixes work for you, and get back to us here if we need to dig deeper!

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