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Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case (CE06586)

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Clean stylized design, amazing cooling, minimal clutter, safety shutdown switch and is super easy to assemble. What more could you want for your Raspberry Pi.

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What power supply will I need for the Argon ONE for Pi4?

the original rpi-4 power supply …

if you look there are 2 extra add-on p.c.b boards included with the case one is for the audio and hdmi…
the other is for the fan assembly and the power button and the input power socket…

Would anyone know where I could find the script install instructions for the Argon One Pi4 case please?

Hey Darren, thanks for posting!

You can find the fan and control button instructions just below the assembly instructions here.

Hope that helps!

Hey Guys,
I need a case for a Pi4 and a POE Hat… I did some Googling over the weekend and found out that the Argon NEO will accomodate the POE Hat, but couldnt find anything on the Argon ONE.

I suspect that the POE hat will NOT fit in the Argon ONE due to the GPIO break out on the case…

Can you confirm please and then I’ll put my order in (for the ONE or NEO).


Hi Jon,

For the PoE HAT to fit, the Argon One would have to forgo other features that seperate it from the rest. It would be best to stick with the Argon Neo, or Argon Poly.

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Thanks Graham.

I ordered the Neo and whilst the Official POE hat fits in the case, there is no way to secure it to the RPi - The Pi is in the bottom half of the case and the hat is in the top half and there are no holes in the divider to allow the supplied spacers to fit.

When I get a bit of time I will look to drill 4 holes through the case so that it all fits together in a more permanent & rigid manner.

Apart from that, fantastic little case. Anyone looking to house a POE hat and wants an easy life should probably opt for the official RPi case. I did try the POE hat on a RPi3B that I have that is in an offical case and that works perfect.

Hope this helps someone else.


A further update after a little more testing…

The Argon NEO is not compatible with the POE Hat.

The transformer on the POE Hat clashes with the divider in the case and will not allow the hat to engage with the 40Pin header sufficiently. As a result, the hat and PI cannot engage properly and I have found that the heat cycling and occasional movement result in the POE hat needing to be re-seated.

I have 2 of the NEO cases - I will continue to butcher one with a drill and file, but could I return the un-opened one for an official PI4 case please?


Further update after half an hour in the shed… In order to make the POE hat fit reliably in the case, it needs some tweaking… I used a hacksaw, file and a vice.

Essentially you need to make space on either side of the 40 pin header to allow the standard spacers (supplied with POE hat) to land on the PI (this ensures the hat seats correctly) and then make space for the transformer on the POE hat so that it does not clash with the case.

Its an easy fix but one that shouldn’t be necessary given the ARGON site says its compatible with the POE hat!

Photos of amended case: