Best way of detected relay closure in Windows

I’m setting up a Audio Playout System for a Radio Station, and I need to detect a relay closure in the mixer to start playing the next track. Can any suggest the cheapest reliable was of inputting the signal in to a Windows 10 computer. My preference is for a USB interface, a few extra bits could be helpful, but not at greatly increased cost. I would prefer not to use a Raspberry PI or similar; a small stand alone USB powered device would be preferred.

I’ve looked around on the web, trying to find a suitable device available in Australia, but nothing stands out.


Plenty of microcontrollers out there capable of acting as keyboard/mouse, things like the Arduino Leonardo or Pro mini. (Atmel 32u4 based).

This YT video should give you some ideas.

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Hi Peter,

Robin’s 100% right. An Arduino based on a 32u4 is totally the way to go. I’d suggest using a Leonardo compatible board:

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