Can someone simplify this for me please

Hi all,

Okay I want to make this floating cloud for my sons room and I was hoping someone could simplify this for me please and give me a shopping list of all the things I’d need to make it happen. I’m a mechanic by trade so I know how things work mechanically but electronics I struggle I know basic things like diodes stop back feeding and that’s about as far as my knowledge goes lol. So if someone could really simplify this I’d be really be appreciative. So my aim is to have a haning cloud that run off a battery pack like multiple AA batteries or a single 9V battery but again I don’t know the mathematical aspect about doing all that lol. If you need anymore info please don’t hesitate to drop me line.

Thanks guys :blush:

The project link already has a complete list of the parts required, including links to pretty much all of the electronics, including the rechargeable battery pack used.

Links for the code are also provided, as well as some other useful links for beginners.

Please sit down and take the time to read the write-up. It really can’t be simplified any more.