Can you help build a Raspberry Pi server for charity work?

Hi all. I have been trying to find a Raspberry Pi enthusiast to help us build our Raspberry Pi server for an education project in Cambodia. We are a registered Australian charity and already have a working model but we need some mods made and our previous volunteer has become to busy to finish the project. We are getting desperate and can pay for this service if someone is not available to volunteer their time. It would not be a huge sum of money but if it helps get the job done we can negotiate. We can also ship you all the hardware for development. If you are interested, please read more in the description below.

Thanks for reading
TukTuk Charity

The digital library is our library of resources for teachers to access in schools. The resources are curriculum aligned and include music, games, activities and printables. The AccessBox is a small standalone server that houses our digital library and is accessed by teachers. It consists of a;
Raspberry Pi 3B+
128gb Sandisk Micro SD card
Waveshare Power Hat - for power shutdown and startup control
GL-AR150-ext router
The router enables us to have a lot more people connected at once. It runs opensource software and can be programmed. It is currently programmed to automatically connect to our digital library. This software could do with some more development.
The Waveshare Power Hat has just arrived and is added to auto shutdown the rPi at night and start again in the morning. It is not yet configured so we would need help with the setup.
The digital library uses Kolibri software, (they supplied us with a hardware grant to use their software), which needs to be updated. There is an image available for the latest version but I don’t know how to then configure it so that the external router works, (and the rPi router is off) . Ultimately, I would love to send all of the hardware over and get support with setting up and development. Then if an image can be made, I can just reflash the devices in the school here at my end.
The AccessBox was created as a cheap way to get resources into teachers hands. They are either solar powered or on a UPS. This reduces the chance of power spikes damaging the system and ensures uninterrupted access to the unit. Going forward, we will give access to community members as well as teachers, allowing kids and parents to also use the educational material outside of school hours.

Learning Equality - Kolibri software
Waveshare power hat -
GL-150 router -
We would like to look at the possibility of using this router as well


Hi Adrian,

That’s an awesome initiative! I’d recommend also throwing this post over to the Raspberry Pi Foundations official forum too, to get the news out there as much as possible. If there’s anything that the Core Electronics team can do to help you out please let us know.

Have a great day!

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