Connecting FireWire camcorder to compute module 4

Can anyone offer advice on connecting a compute module 4 to a FireWire camcorder?

The Pi can see the PCIe FireWire card connected to the I/O board if I run lspci, but I can’t get any software to see the camcorder (both the camera and FireWire card work in other systems BTW).

I’m using a 2G compute module 4 lite and I/O board, have tried FireWire cards with VIA and TI chipsets, neither work.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

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Hi Rod,

Sounds like you are running the same path as Jeff Geerling (although not trying to get a GPU working).

Do you have a link to the card you are using? Since you can detect them it sounds like it might be your drivers. If you can track one down that runs on Linux (ARM architecture).
In my quick search I tracked down this reddit post that might get you pointed in the right direction as well!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Liam!

Yeah I’ve come across Jeff’s videos. I’ve found a few pages about rolling back to the old firewire stack but those pages are all for old builds, usually of Ubuntu and the commands don’t seem to work any more.

The tough thing is I think the drivers are ok since the device is recognised, but I just don’t know what to check next. I’m hoping I can just allocate a larger memory block or something and that will do it, after that I think recompiling linux builds is a little beyond my skills.

But we will see, this project may yet work…

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