Current Controller Magnetic Flux

Hi Guys
I’m working on a project to control magnetic flux that is generated when current is applied to magnetic material. i have searched internet and havent found anything
for the project i need to setup three points, that a user can select and that will give three different readings for magnetic flux against those three points. Current needed is 1A, 3A and 5A, DC 12 V
any ways to set something like this will be appreciated

It sounds like you need a gauss meter which is a type of magnetometer. Do you know the expected field range in Tesla’s?

Be careful you don’t get a magnetometer for measuring the earths magnetic field or a hall sensor that should more accurately be call a “hall effect switch”. Some hall sensors are actually sensors but there not typically consumer devices.

You could rent one. TechRentals have a 5180 FW Bell Gauss/Tesla Meter on their list of instruments. Just check that it’s in the range you require.