Do stepper motors have hardened steel shafts

Does anyone know if Core Electronics 3V 2 Amp stepper motors have hardened steel shafts,
Some gearboxes require that the motor shaft protrude only 9mm which is far less than is common on the stepper motors I need to purchase.

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Hi John,

I’ve ground down the shafts of stepper motors before, and found that they are likely not too hardened, as my cheap bench grinder didn’t take too long to shorted the shaft by 5mm or so. I noticed a bit of case hardening on the outside due to the heat, so I imagine they aren’t too hard out of the box.

Just make sure you have a cup of water nearby to cool down the shaft in between short grinds. Steppers can get rather hot in use, but I wouldn’t take the chance on melting something inside.


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