Enjoy Inventing

Ever heard of the KISS principle? Keep It Simple Stupid? Well that’s all well and good sometimes, but every now and then, I prefer to go by the MTACAPJB principle. Make Things As Complicated As Possible Just Because. What’s more fun than creating something immensely intricate and complicated to fulfil a mundane and boring part of everyday life? Perhaps you disagree, but one of my favourite internet channels at the moment is Joseph’s Machines. This guy is the king of everyday Rube Goldberg inventions, and if you’ve ever wanted to streamline your academic pursuits, we’ve found the perfect way with this elaborate, study power snack machine.


The beauty of these machines isn’t at all about the actual outcome, but how you reach it, and this gravity powered, leverage drive contraption satisfies my inner nerd in a way I just can’t quite explain. Highly impractical, and ridiculously elaborate, Joseph’s Machines is an amazing demonstration of creativity gone wild. Now as a bonus, if you’re struggling a bit on the commute home this afternoon, may I also suggest his latest contraption that will have you wondering how you didn’t think of it first; the Power Nap Machine.


Nap well, and enjoy inventing!

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