How to 3D Print Onto Fabrics - Tips and Tricks

Morning! I have just created a new tutorial “How to 3D Print Onto Fabrics - Tips and Tricks

3D printers allow unrivalled fashion freedoms and fabric embedded components can serve a lot of practical purposes too. Being able to lay fabric onto a build plate and create components directly on top of or embedded with fabric material through them can be done quite simply so long as you know what your doing. I dive into the process, good solutions to problems and everything you need to get the best result possible. So come immerse yourself in this world :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim, great ideas. What type of plastic are you using? If its a flexible PVC type would you be interested in printing something for me?

Hey mate, for the prints in the video I was using a tough PLA. Poly-Propylene would be the material most similar in properties to flexible PVC however it is quite challenging to print correctly.

We do offer a 3D Printing Service but the printers for that are dialled in for PLA only which is not very flexible.

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