How To: Klipper Auxiliary Fan synced with part cooling fan

Recently purchased 2 12032 blower fans with the intention of using them as auxiliary cooling fans in my Voron Trident. Didn’t really have any luck with finding a guide on how to have them operate in tandem with the part cooling so I thought I’d share how I made it work.

In your printer.cfg file you’ll need to define a multi pin for me it looked something like this:

[multi_pin part_cooling]
pins: EBB:PA4, PB5

This will then mean that if you use this as an output it will treat both pins as being the same without causing conflicts in your config, in my case I put it as my [fan] section (klipper treats this as part cooling fans)

pin: multi_pin: part_cooling

And that’s it, now your aux fans will be controlled by the M106 commands usually used to control the part cooling fan


Nice! I’m sure that people on the Voron and Klipper subreddit would also appreciate this! Glad to see that Voron and open source 3D printing has made its way to the Core Electronics forum.


I really feel that the 3D printing section of the forum doesn’t really get as much love as it deserves, and I’d really like to see it get used a bit more


Absolutely love it. I’ve been eyeing a Voron to replace my current printer.


Hi All
While on the subject of 3D printersI saw an interesting Doco on TV a few days ago.

This was a GIANT 3D printer. Using a special concrete mix it was 3D printing a HOUSE. That’s right a complete full cavity wall concrete house. Apparently it can build a complete house ready for fit out in just a few days at a fraction of the cost of conventional building.

Think it was on a Huge Machine type program on SBS and maybe available on SBS on demand if anyone is interested. Or one of the other channels would be streaming it if not there.
Cheers Bob


I’ve seen those before, they make for some quite satisfying videos.

3D printer tech has certainly come a long way. This video is for the world’s largest metal printer and it’s used to print rockets. This was a very entertaining watch.


It’s crazy to think about how far 3D printing has come, mainly due to the incredible community effort. This type of concrete 3D printing was invented by a guy who saw something that could be automated while increasing efficiency and decreasing waste back in 1997, his research having laid the groundwork for modern-day SLS printing. Selective laser sintering is now one of the most waste and time efficient ways of 3D printing we have today.

@Jack Which one? I have been considering the Trident.


I have both and honestly there’s not a lot of difference between the two in terms of printing, the 2.4 is a lot more supported by the community


It is the 2.4 I’ve been looking at. I am mostly after a larger printer.

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Reading this thread is like reading your name and current location scrawled on the inside cover of an old book printed before you were born.
This 3D printing thing is in my future: a void of my money looking for an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am lucky to surround myself with a variety of lovely printers but just want to go something a bit more DIY (very dangerous for the wallet).