I decided to simplify my design, thereby extending the project by six weeks

Merry Christmas everyone and happy gadgeteering!


Me too! Somehow I always seem to come up with the most convoluted solutions for my projects before realising there’s a much simpler way! :joy: Happy making!

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Elon Musk uses that tactic with the Raptor engine. It’s taking him longer than 6 weeks!

It is tempting to simplify something, but it should achieve something. Lighter, stronger, faster, more robust, cheaper … I get sucked into simplifying programs, but if there’s memory and cycles to spare there’s little point. I tell myself it will be easier to follow next time I look at it. Then don’t look at it again.

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Scope creep is very real :laughing:
Wheres the fun in making it easy?


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All the best with your design.