Kitronik High Torque Motor (CE05936)

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This is a MM28 High Torque 3V DC Motor. Operating voltage: 1.5V to 6.0V. Axle diameter: 2mm. Typical speed: 7930 RPM. Typical current: 760mA.

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I am tying to find a small motor with high touque
what size is the Kitronik High Torque Motor

According to the description:

  • Dimensions: 30.5mm, Dia 24mm, shaft 10mm Dia 2mm

However, size is not always a good indicator of torque. It might be better to re-design your motor fitting to accept a different sized motor with the correct torque than to simply choose the motor that fits.

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Hi darcy, Jeff
There is some sort of data sheet download with a detailed drawing and mounting dimensions although a bit confusing in a couple of spots.
The dimensions in BOLD seem to be missing the decimal point. Example 60 = 6.0, 20 = 2.0 and 450 = 45.0. Makes a bit of sense when you wake up to this.
Those curves might mean something if you can maybe read Chinese.
Cheers Bob

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