Love Nixie Tubes? Try Lixie

Nothing says cool looking numerical displays quite like a Nixie tube does. A vacuum sealed the tube with 10 separate cathodes that are each in the shape of a different numeral between 0 and 9, if you apply power to one cathode it will glow in this awesome orange neon color, the kind of glow you just can't quite replicate. That didn't stop Connor Nishijima from trying, though, utilizing some modern day tech to revive this unique display method. His method of choice was laser cutters and NeoPixel LEDs though.

Why would you try to revive such a tech? Simply because of how awesome a Nixie tube can look. Take a look at this video and see what we mean:

Using edge lit laser cut acryllic alongside some NeoPixel lights, Connor did a fantastic job at reviving this vintage display. 

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