Making a Tally switch for 4 cameras


I’m after a 4 button switch that I can use for Tally lights on 4 cameras. I’m looking at building something so looking around for something that I can use.

I have purchased a Black Magic Pro Mixer so I’m planning on putting a LED light on each camera and it will glow when its live.

The switch I’m after will be a single push and will change with the push of another button.

Open to your thoughts?

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Hi Roger,

Thanks for making a post! :slight_smile:

There’s a few options you could go for here. One thing that came to mind for a KISS solution is to use a USB switch, and some USB LEDs. We don’t have any of these, but they’re readily available on eBay and similar:

If you wanted to DIY it, it’d be easiest to go the electrical route, as mechanical mutually exclusive button mechanisms are pretty fiddly. I’d recommend getting something like an illuminated pushbutton:

Then some code for an Uno or another Arduino would be very simple using switch…case. Only thing you might need to do is add a transistor to drive the LEDs as microcontrollers are pretty low on power. It’s just like controlling a solenoid, but using LEDs instead:

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