Model Boat mulit drives

Hi everyone
I am new to this world of robotics
I have built a model offshore supply vessel
I have at the stern 2 x schotel drive units and on the bow a bow thruster
the schotel units basically is a propellers that rotates 360 deg. so depending on the way the propeller is turning and the way it is facing determines the direction th stern will go
I was hoping to control the 2 stern schotel and bow thruster using a flight simulator joy stick
if I pus the joystich forward the boat moves ahead, same as in reverse. if I move the joystick on an angle the boat would move bodily in that direction

has any one done tis before.

Hey Rod,
Welcome! A few questions about the project.
Do you know the voltage and current specifications of the schotels and thruster?
What kind of range are you wanting for the controller?
Did you want the joystick connected to a computer or hand held?

Hi Clinton

the specs for the shcottel drives I have attached. the motors and or servo can be what ever we choose.

the schottle drive requires a motor to drive the propeller

for the rotation it can be another motor or I can remove that and connect a servo to the rotation.

I’m thinking that I would only use this in a small pond lake so 500m max I’m thinking for distance

I was hoping to use the joystick independently

Thanks for helping…

Hi Rod,

Check out this tutorial on making an RC boat. You can obviously skip the boat building part, but there are some pretty clear parts required and instructions for making it work toward the end. Including the code! It would be a pretty small leap to add in some servos to turn the Schottle drive.

I hope that helps!