Nano V3 flashing with Grbl f or h and with Xloader

Hi i’m trying to flash a new nano V3 {green] with X loader and the nano flashes yellow green solid and occasional red flash and that’s all that happens it can do this for hrs yesterday
any assistance welcome Richard


Hi Richard,

Thanks for making a post :slight_smile:

I haven’t used Xloader myself, but as a first point I’d suggesting changing the Baud rate to 115200 - this is the default for the ATMEga328P from memory. I’d also suggest double-checking you’ve got the correct device selected.

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OK it seemed to be loaded thanks for that Q, what would the driver be for this nano

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I just had a quick look at the repo - looks like the Devices dropdown loads from the devices.txt file: xLoader/devices.txt at master · binaryupdates/xLoader · GitHub

Here’s a good thread on the Arduino forums with some advice that should help out: Optiboot version for Nano

Also checkout:

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thanks guys should get my laser going again cheers Richard