Pi dedicated core

I want to write a program in C which takes over one of the 4 pi cores for exclusive use so that the operating system no longer acceses it and use it for dedicated purpose. I assume this must be possible, how would I do it? So I program the Pi by using the text based compiler compiled on the Pi. I want to allocate a block of RAM which the operating system will no longer use but I can share the address with a program running under the operating system. I want the dedicated core program to be able to directly access the hardware IO. Any thoughts?

Hi Clem,

Controlling the access to the Pi’s CPU cores at that level would need to be done by the Operating system itself, if not an even lower level of abstraction. I think you would effectively be writing your own custom kernel. I don’t have any experience with that level of programming myself but I have heard that are free university courses available out there that cover how this is done.

It might be best to search out some resources on operating system design and see what is available in that space.