Pimoroni Interstate 75 16 X 32 Panel PicoW

Does anyone know if the interstate 75 works with a 16 X 32 Panel and is Pimoroni’s own MicroPython release compatible with the Picow?



Hi Lindsay,

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Yeah, the Interstate75 will work with 32x64 panels and is designed specifically for their version.

All of this and more is covered in their getting started guide here: Getting Started with Interstate 75



Hi @Liam Do you know if the Interstate75 works with a 16x32 panel as OP asked?
@Lindsay1021 did you ever find out if it did?

Hi William,

According to Pimoroni, it is compatible with 32x32, 32x64 and 64x64 LED matrices. You might want to look for a smaller-pitch 32x64 display if size is a concern.

It actually incorporates an RP2040, it doesn’t strap to a Pico, so you just use Pimoroni’s MicroPython version.

Let me know if we can answer anything else :slight_smile:

Thanks @James
I already have a 16 x 32 I want use. So I might get a Adafruit Matrix Portal - CircuitPython Powered Internet Display | ADA4745 | Core Electronics Australia instead as it says its compatible with the 16 x 32.

Hi William,

Adafruit’s matrix portal should work just fine for that, there’s also the advantage that Adafruit’s tutorials are top-tier so you should have it up and running in no time :slight_smile:

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It does of work but I get ghosting pixels- if an LED is illuminated all the others in the same column glow dimly. . Haven’t had a chance to follow up yet.