PM156 Arduino RPI logic Controlled

Hi I recently bought a Pressure mat PM156 Arduino RPI logic Controlled, so my question is what do I need to run it?

Hey Chris,

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Do you have a link to the pressure mat you purchased? From what I could find it acts much like a switch, you’ll be able to use it on an RPi, Arduino etc.

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No Link I bought it on ebay it just said “Pressure mat PM156 Arduino RPI logic Controlled” it has four wires coming out

Hi Chris,

Without a spec sheet youll have to do some testing to get it up and running.
Do you have a multimeter and/or a microcontroller board such as an RPi Pico or Arduino?

Based on what I found from this spec sheet two wires will act like a switch, requiring some activation force (some pressure over some area). and another two acting as a loop so you can detect when its open:

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