Power problem running Nema 23 on TMC2130 with Esp32

I have been trying to research how to connect up a TMC2130 directly via SPI to run a Nema 23 motor.

I am almost there (wiring and code seems fine) however I have recently read that the TMC2130 doesn’t like the Esp32 to power it on via 5V before the 24V motor power is turned on.

Does anyone know if I can just include a simple relay to turn on the Esp32 with the 24V supply switching the relay or would this basically be more like turning them on at the same time?

I want to run the ESP32 from the 24V with my adjustable step down module. Any help would be greatly appreciated as there is VERY limited tutorial information unless you are putting these drivers straight into a 3D printer.


Hey Sean,

How much power is the driver pulling through the ESP? As for using a relay, I would have a look at LOOK MUM NO COMPUTERs video on his relay synth for an idea on how you might be able to add a delay using a capacitor and resistor.

It sounds like it might be trying to backpower the whole system though, could you use a current limiting resistor and capacitor to limit the current and delaying the voltage to the TMC? Maybe even a diode to ensure its only flowing one way!

Maybe even taking a look at the 3D printers mainboard schematic could yield some info.
As always on the forum, if you send through the photos and some links to your findings everyone can help out more!!


Thanks for the reply, I will add as much information as I can.

Source: Frequently Asked Questions | SilentStepStick | Watterott electronic


I have the diode in the attached picture. One of the guides said to add it between the motor and driver power pins… but I am unsure of how that helps or if it prevents the issue completely.

I don’t understand creating a link between them if there isn’t one to start with. If they are already linked somehow then I figure the back power that fizzles everything still has a path around the diode. So confusing.

I have a Mean Well 24V 3.2A power supply, ESP32s NodeMCU, adjustable step down to drop the 24V to 5V to power the ESP32. I have a Nema 23 that can take 24V and has a peak at 2.8A.

I am just overwhelmed at the moment. I have ASD and it is interfering with me working this out in a calm manner. A lot of distress so I really appreciate your reply. I will start delving into the TMC2130 datasheets and see what I can find. The 3D printer stuff generally doesn’t get into detail about the driver outside of plug and play, and I have yet to see anything except for a protection device to prevent the problem on 3D printers. It’s a StepStick protector. But doesn’t seem easily available anywhere either. I also would rather not wait 3 months shipping if I can get this working without it.


The actual rule is that the logic power supply should never be more than 0.3v above the motor power supply. One way to ensure this is to ensure that the motor power is always on before the logic power is turned on. Another way to do it is to apply logic power to the motor power input whenever the logic power is turned on, so that, regardless of whether or not there is separate motor power being supplied, there is at least logic power at that input. Not enough to drive the motor, that is for sure, but enough to comply with that rule about logic power not exceeding motor power. The 0.3 volt difference allowed means that a diode in that link can be used to ensure that motor power never feeds back into logic power. The site you refer to doesn’t indicate how the diode is connected, but it is possible that the above description is what they are referring to.


Oh wow! Thank you so much. This makes so much sense and I have a diagram showing the diode going from the 5V to the motor power one way. I get it now. You are awesome have a great day!