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Powered beach/fishing cart

Hi Everyone. I would like to motorise a beach cart and be able to operate it with a hand held transmitter. The concept is exactly like that of a remote controlled golf trolley. I have a 12v SLA battery, 12v DC motor for propilsion, a 12v feedback actuator for steering and a 3 channel radio and reeciever. Reseearch on a controller suggested a Pololu jrk G2 21v3 with feedback, I need assistance to connect this all together, electrically of course. Looking forward to your respones.

Hi Clarence,

Really sorry for the long delay! There’s a fair bit here, so let’s dive in.

The first thing to identify is what signals your radio receiver can/will output to control things. They’ll typically be designed to drive a servo so you may need something to translate the servo control signals into something more useful. Most servos require a PWM or PPM signal:

As for the motor controller a 21v3 may or may not be suitable - it depends on the electrical specs of your DC motor.12V x 3A is only 36W, so I suspect this won’t be enough for a beach cart. You’ll probably want at least 100W for that - sand is a pretty ineffecient surface to drive on. I’d suggest looking for something rated for about 10A like this:

As for the battery, you can get a rough estimate of the required battery size by multiplying the total Current draw of your system by the amount of time you want it to run for. I’d take a rough guess at 15A for the whole system, and give yourself 2h of drive time, so you’re looking for around a 30Ah SLA battery.

If you can let us know some more details on your product specs and once you’ve settled on some components we can get into wiring connections.

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Hi Oliver,
Thanks for the reply. I did this diagram to show what I wanted to achieve. If you think that the jerk 12vx12 controller is suitable, I will go along with it. To start the ball rolling, let me know and I will purchase it online from you guys immediately. All the other bits I will purchase as we go along.
Again, many thanks for taking the time to respond.