Project by Lili12615; FM Radio with Arduino, LCD and Si4703

Lili12615 just shared a new project: "FM Radio with Arduino, LCD and Si4703"

A couple of years ago, I found a modern jukebox (with iPod connectivity, AM/FM radio, CD player and LEDs) dumped in my street. The body was in decent condition but all of the electronics were ruined apart from the LEDs. I decided to take it and replace all of the electronics with my own and add a few cool features.
One of the parts of the larger project was to make an FM radio with an LCD and pushbuttons to control the frequency tuning. After a bit of looking around, I found the Si4703 evaluation board which easily interfaces with the Arduino to make an FM radio which uses headphones or an AUX cable as the antenna. This little description is what I came up with in the end… I’m using an Arduino pro mini, with a 3.3V LCD and the Si4703 evaluation board. Hope you all enjoy!

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Glorious project, Lili :radio:

Thanks for sharing!