Pycom Pybytes & TTN

Hey team, just touching base to see if anyone here has had any experience with the Pybytes IOT device management platform.

I love where Pycom is going with this - although not quite as polished as yet they have the right idea. I just have a few questions:

  • When connecting to Pybyte the device is connected to the ttn network. Is it possble to view the devices in your own TTN console or transfer ownership of the nodes so that they are visible in your own ttn console/account?

  • Is it possible to determine Lora connectivity from the pybytes dashboard (Ie is my device connected to Lora?)

Hi Arnold,

I personally havent had much to do with it however, here is Pycoms guide on how to use the platform, there is some really good info in here:

Thanks Mitchell, I have thrashed through that documentation a few times over!

I actually posted the same question over on Pycom forums here:

It would seem as though it is not possible to view pybytes connected devices in TTN console.

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thanks for the info interesting!

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