Raspberry Pi IQaudio DigiAMP+ [PREORDER] (CE07562)

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IQaudio DigiAMP+ uses the Texas Instruments TAS5756M PowerDAC to deliver direct connection to PASSIVE stereo speakers at up to 2x35wpc with variable output. Ideal for a Raspberry Pi-based hi-fi system.

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does it run class “D” amplification…??

Hi Brian,

You’re exactly right, it’s a class D amp.


Hi, I’m going to order a Raspberry Pi IQaudio DigiAMP+ which power supply should I order with it?

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Hi Aaron,

From the product page they mention the ‘XP Power VEC65US19’

It looks like a pretty specialised power supply but very neat!

Hi, are you stocking the new DigiAmp+ for Raspberry Pi?

Hi Ben,

Good news, here it is:

It’s currently in local stock, but you can find out the latest by heading to the product page :slight_smile:

Thanks, I did see that but was unsure by the references to IQaudio that it could be the older version.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for pointing that out! Seems we forgot to remove them when we fixed up the images.

I’ll make a note to get that fixed ASAP