Raspcontroler using thonny from pi

I have down loaded raspcontroler to controll my sensor’s on my rasp4 pi they use the thonny program. On the the app thonny shows in files but when I open it it says all ready down loaded then nothing happens :disappointed:

It’s possible that Thonny is already installed on your Raspberry Pi, and that’s why you’re getting the message that it’s already downloaded. However, it sounds like you’re having trouble launching Thonny from the app.

Here are some steps you can try:

Open the Terminal on your Raspberry Pi and type thonny to launch Thonny from the command line. If it’s already installed, this should launch the program.

If Thonny doesn’t launch from the Terminal, try reinstalling it. Open the Terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt-get install thonny

This will reinstall Thonny on your system.

Hi Darcy,

Could you elaborate on the errors you were getting? You can browse this forum on your Pi, so you can use that to send screenshots.

That’ll help us get to the bottom of this one much faster.

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Sorry for delayed response. I am trying to run thonny from my phone Wich has the raspcontroler app but it doesn’t show up I can’t find it

Hi Darcy,

If you are trying to see what your Pi is doing I’d check out VNC.
I haven’t used Raspcontroller, though there looks to be an option to create custom widgets: RaspController - User Widgets - EgalNetSoftwares.com

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Hi Darcy,

Is your phone currently connected to the same network as your Raspberry Pi? If not you will need to have portforwarding set up. This guide runs through the process to set up RaspController with a Raspberry Pi, how far through the steps did you make it before you ran into problems?

I am trying to load thonny on my pi from my phone with raspcontroler

The raspcontroler does open up the ssh terminal

These are screen shots from the raspcontroler app on my phone .what I put to open thonny