Sensor Board Comms to Smart Bulb: Suggestions Requested

I would like to have direct comms (wifi?) between a sensor board (P.Photon?) with an ESP8266 smart bulb (Hacked).
Application is to establish a water flow meter on a shower line. When logic flow amount or time is registered a signal be sent locally to a smart bulb in the bathroom to flicker the light &/or change colour as notification to teenager to turn it off and get out.
I have already established flow measurement/logging via a P.Photon and their cloud. With the next bit I would like to operate totally local. In first instance water flow and logic send signal to smart bulb. Additional would be to log to NAS.
I would prefer not to deal with a hub or fuller home automation system.
Anyone had experience with something similar?
Have been looking into the hacking of the ESP8266 bulbs so project seems plausible.

  • Any suggestions on what hardware and firmware to implement?
  • Both P.Photon and ESP8266 could do MQTT; possible without broker?
  • Other approach?
  • What issues ought I be aware of regarding security?
    Grateful for any input.

Hi Brett,

The ESP 8266 or the Photon should work for that, I have seen IFTTT used with python for very effective automation. It has hooks for web and lots of popular online tools and is abstracted enough to be fairly security safe.