Setting up a servo driven plasma table

i am wanting to build my own cnc plasma table using servo motors but not sure what i need ideally if i could get the x,y and z drives/controllers all ready in a control box ready to have the drive motors fixed onto the frame work i have built


Here is an example that shows almost the complete sequence:
Setup Arduino UNO, CNC Shield v3, GRBL, and related CNC motion components and electronics. - YouTube


Hi Pete,

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To add to @Jeff105671 's response be weary of mains and high voltage - its deadly!

You might be able to repurpose a 3D printers mainboard if you dont need a lot of current.
Otherwise it would definitely be worth having a look around the net to find a dedicated solution using similarly spec’d servo’s.


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Hi Mark,

I know there are a few “turn-key” systems for servo control of CNC gear, you may want to take a look at this marco reps video where he deals with one on the cheaper side. It avoids the tough bit of servo control which is interpreting the encoder data and handling driving LV coils:


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