Sound detection Sensor Module (CE05184)

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Detects sound that is greater than the ambient noise (adjustable sensitivity). Can operate from 3.3V to 5V.

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The sensitivity pot seems to control the built on LED as well as the output ie LED on, no output, LED off, output is always high… am I correct?

Hey Natt,

Yep, that one has two LED’s onboard, a Power and an Activity LED (shown below with red and green respectively, though both LED’s are actually green).

The Power LED is always on when the module has power, the Activity LED is only on when the device is detecting a sound. The potentiometer changes the sensitivity of the module, so having it turned all the way up will cause the Activity LED to always be on and all the way down will cause it to always be off. You can fine tune it to where you want to only pick up on certain volume sounds.

Hope this helps!