SPI Driver installation

My friends at Core promptly sent me the SPI Driver which I score at 10/10.

The only problem I have is that Win11 generates a file permissions error when running spicl.exe in command line format. It sees the .exe just fine and spicl tries to run but Win generates a CreatFile Error 5…which is permissions related.

Anyone seen this before? (I should have learned Linux when I had the chance :pensive:)



Don’t have Win 11, loath to upgrade, remember all the crap that usually comes with a major change to MS Win. Your experience only confirms.

With these kind of things Run as Admin may help. It has in Win 10, unsure of how Win 11 handles this.

Never too late to start Linux education, LOL. Pi 4 is a good starting point.

Sorry I cannot help more. Run as Admin might help.
Anyway, thanks for sharing.



So, I bit the bullet and just moved my Dev PC from Win11 to Ubuntu 20. This saved me from stuffing around with Windows and I had to move over to a version of Linux at some point anyway.

Anyhow, I downloaded the Linux version of SPIDriver but Ubuntu can’t run it because it can’t see it in the download folder. The actual filename is spigui-linux64 but I can’t see the file extension (.bin, etc)

Any thoughts?



Hi Gerard,

It may be that the file isn’t executable which can pretty easily be fixed with a chmod with appropriate UNIX access settings

See here for more info:


Then once it is executable if it is supposed to be an executable binary you can run the file by running ./filename, where did you download it to, and can you please run ls -a on that folder from a terminal so we can see what file types we’re dealing with?


Thanks Bryce, I went into the Properties on the file and ticked ‘Make Executable’ then ran it as you described. It’s located, as you can see, in the Downloads folder.

The ls -a command shows thusly…

This Ubuntu installation is pretty much in a virginal state so there’s maybe some missing files…somewhere! :smiley:


OK, so I got the spicl utility up and going pretty good which is the main thing. I can send multiple bytes to the device which is exactly what I’ll be doing testing the crazy wicking bed project.

The compile on the GUI still fails but I’m thinking there’s a bunch of extra files needed but I’m not fussed with it.