Timed Relay switch

I need to remotely activate a button every 24 hours to simulate a person pressing it.
I have been advised that installing a relay switch will do the trick.
It needs to be pretty accurate timewise as we will be monitoring the output.
When the button is pressed a dialler makes a phone call to a monitoring station.
Liam was very helpful and suggested a Raspberry Pico with a 5V 4 Channel Relay Module 10A
SKU: CE05279 might do the trick.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Ray
Whatever you use will have to have a real time clock fitted. Liam’s idea would be good as long as the Pico can be fitted with the RTC. Simply arrange the relay to operate when you want and wire the NO contacts across your button.

I did see once a long time ago where someone hacked on of those Arlec 240V timers to get at the relay contacts to switch something else. Maybe not a good idea tampering with 240V bits though.

Failing all that I feel sure the Back To Base burglar alarm people would have a periodic reporting system to monitor and make sure alarm systems are still functional. Which basically is getting the alarm to make a phone call.
Cheers Bob


Hi Ray,

Welcome to the forum!!

Yeah definitely go with Bob’s suggestion of using an RTC to keep things accurate, I’d take a look at this one here as it comes with a couple modules ready made: Waveshare Precision RTC Module for Raspberry Pi Pico (DS3231) Australia

If your switch is only moving mA’s across it you might be able to use an analog switch IC to do the switching (kinda works like a logic level relay). -I couldnt find one on the Core website but theyre definitely around :smiley:

If you are indoors and have a stable WiFi connection you can also reference the time using the web.
Check out this tutorial here: Getting Date & Time From NTP Server With ESP32

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

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