Uploading code to Dragino LG01 Gateway

I originally was uploading firmware to my gateway via the arduino ide, connecting to its IP address in the port. However this was when my Gateway was creating its own wifi network.

Since then I connected the Gateway to the internet and to the TTN network, but now since it isn’t creating its own wifi network anymore I can’t see it as an option to upload via the port.

I can see the assigned IP address it has been given, and can connect to the Admin console over the internet, however I can’t even see in the admin console the ability to upload firmware.

So I have no idea how I can upload new firmware without taking the dragino offline again

Hi Explorex,

I’m not too sure about this, it sounds like if you can update the firmware by taking it offline then that is a suitable solution to this problem. You shouldn’t need to update firmware that often.

Is this a product that you purchased through us?