Use LTE as gateway for 3 Pi's

Morning all,

I have 3 Raspberry Pi 4’s that are all connected to a switch, all with a static IP. The main pi has the Waveshare 7600 LTE hat attached. I would like to use the HAT as the connection to the internet. No i am having a few issues if anyone can help.
I am able to access WWAN0 using the USB cable. I can access the carrier but i cannot ping for example. When i reset the device i need to reinput all the settings again. I am doing this through QMICLI.
Is there something i am missing? Is there code i need to setup for the config to occur everytime on bootup of the Pi to access and configure the HAT?

Any help is appreciated

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Hi Gordon,

While I haven’t used QMICLI before, if there is a shell command that sets everything up right, you can run it on startup by running crontab -e and adding @reboot [path to shell script with your commands] to the end.

I’ll look into this one further, as I’m sure its been something people have wanted to do before.

Are you using software routing on your Pi to bridge the connections and provide internet to the others?