Using a sandwich holder for a Pi case

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a DS18B20 temperature probe that is used to monitor the temperature of a beer/ginger beer/cider brew. The Pi also does duty as a Pi-Hole server. I used an old Sandwich case as the Raspberry Pi case. It works well as it creates a double layer configuration with easy access to everything when it is opened. Using what I have in the house for cases, and this worked even better than I expected.


wow! making a case out of an ordinary food box! Great! How did you make the groves on the right side?

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Hi David,

Good post! I love it when people repurpose cheap, mass-produced containers for projects like this. I’ve used Sistema 5L Klip-it containers as cheap dryboxes for filament reels lying down on a strip of PTFE tube. If anyone is interested I can post the STL.


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I used a dremel to create those grooves to allow the cables to exit. If it was really deep i used a cutting disk and snipped of the tag, then finished with a grinding bit. If only shallow, i just used the grinding bit, did one side, and closed the lid on it to do the other side, keeping it nice and round and lined up.

I have ordered some right angle HDMI plugs to make it so all of the cables come out that right side. I want to store it stood up on one side so nothing falls into the fan, and nothing is placed on the fan. Will likely make a little wooden “toaster rack” for it.


Great. I am bad at this kind of works. This is why I cannot provide proper casing to my projects.

Hi David

AHHHHH a Dremel. Everyone should have on of these. Very useful tool. Mine would have to be over 20 years old now and still operating as good as the day I purchased. Lots of accessories these days too.
Cheers bob