Visual Interface for Tsunami WAV Trigger presets

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if there’s an output from the Tsunami WAV Trigger that allows me to see what preset (folder) I’m currently playing on my midi controller and if I can connect that to a screen display or a digital clock interface of some kind?




Hi Lachlan,

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Just to confirm were you using the MIDI configuration found in section 7 of the guide or are you looking to configure the Tsunami as an input device? Tsunami User Guide – robertsonics

Out of the box, I couldn’t track down any indication of the Tsunami being able to output the file it’s playing - that doesnt mean your own firmware couldnt though.

The easiest way to get an output to then display on a screen would probably be through a microcontroller. - then a program to read the MIDI packet and display something on the screen.
Check out this shield:



Brilliant. Thanks so much for your help, Liam.

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