What are theses switchs

Hello everyone, I’m planning on making the 3 MFDs I need to know what the switchs are

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Hi Tyrin
Written (short version) on the screen.
Bottom left. Contrast
Bottom right. Brightness.
Top left. You have covered this up with your blue line.
Top right you seem to have deciphered. ON/OFF.
Much the same as on most TVs. To do with how the screen is displayed. Nothing to do with the radar operation.
Cheers Bob


Hey Bob, I meant, as in the type of switch used, sorry

Is it a rocker switch or 2 tactile switches close together

If you are going to make the MFDs, wouldn’t you choose the switch type according to the design requirements and part availability? Why do you want to follow this example? If there is some reason for following this example, can you provide a reference to identify it - a product page, or at least a manufacturer and part number, so someone might recognise it. Or are you really asking about what would be the best type of switch to use for this application?


Hey Jeff, I’m going to try and make 3x MFD 1:1

They are for the JF-17 the only specifications the only I could get my hands are the overall size

Hi Tyrin

You would have to have a crystal ball or something to answer that one. Or strike it lucky enough to find a pilot on the Forum who flies an aircraft that has this particular device.
If you actually have one you could look yourself. What does it feel like.
Closer examination of the pic makes it look like a rocker switch. More info please. Like just what is a JF-17. Is it the actual Radar or what.
Cheers Bob


Then you likely need someone who has sat in a JF17 cockpit. I’m not sure where you would be most likely to find someone like that. Meanwhile you could take a guess from the size - I calculate it at about 4mm - far too small to be operated as two separate tactile switches (especially with gloves on).

Just noticed that your measurement appears to be the wrong way around, so it is likely ~6mm. Still too small to be two separate switches.