What type of cable is this?

I’ve been trying to find a back up of this cable for some time now. I think it is just but I can’t confirm exactly what type. It is part of a camera gimbal, it goes from the joystick to the main unit.

cable 3-2 cable 2-2 cable 1-2
1578712085899_cable 4-2
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hey Nick,

From here, it’s looking like a 5-pin JST SH cable, but I’m not super familiar with them so I won’t make any guarantees (the pin slots look a little too round…). Do you have the specs of the gimbal it was from?

Hi Owen,

Thank you for your reply.
The gimbal is a Gremsy h16. It’s not a very common gimbal.
When I asked them for a replacement, they called it a “UART joystick cable”.
They also wanted $80 for it, so I am hoping to find a cheaper alternative.
I have attached images of the ports on the joystick and on the main unit for reference.
I have looked for UART cables but cannot find them with this specific connector.