Who Can Read A Circuit Advise Replace Amp?

I wonder if there’s anyone in these forums who can read a circuit and advise on what amplifier I should shop for if I want to replace the original old amplifier with some more modern thing?

I’m thinking it would be easier and probably better if I just unplugged this old amp and plugged a new one in.

yamaha circuit

Hey Arthur,

We can try to help out with that one. Just to confirm, were you looking to replace the entire amp, or just a component inside of it? If it was the former, could you provide us with a bit more info regarding the specs of the amp we could try to make some suggestions, unfortunately that circuit just looks a bit too convoluted for us!

HI… just a quick response I’m really stressed for time. Yep I’m thinking of just swapping the old one for a new one. And then I can fix the old one at my leisure.

I don’t know but I think the circuit, being so old, would really be pretty simple - but I don’t know. But the point isn’t the circuit really it is the input to it and the output.

I’m asking in the forum if there’s any folks who can look at it and read off the required operating parameters - i.e. what inputs it is meant to take and what outputs it is built to produce.

Because in my non-techie mind it seems to me that’s what I need to know to find an amp I can replace it with.


Hey Arthur,

Could you get us a closer image of the sticker on the back of the amplifier so we can read the specifications (model number, power input, etc) and we can try to find a solution that would be more suited to your needs.


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