What Arduino hardware is required to work with arducontroller to enable Arduino to be controlled from Android phone?
The site says Connections: Ethernet/Wifi or Bluetooth"
But standard Arduino does not have Wifi etc.

I have a Uno with WiFi from Jaycar.
What code do I use in the ESP chip to allow phone to connect to Arduino?


Hi Ross,

Can you give us a link to the exact Arduino Uno version you have? From your message it sounds like it has an ESP co-processor which handles the WiFi. There are also ESP boards that are stand-alone with WiFi built in that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, but they aren’t conventional Arduinos, so I want to make sure we’re on the same page about what hardware you’ve got.

Can you please include a link to what resources you were reading so we can get caught up quickly with where you are up to?

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Hi Trent

Thanks for getting back to me.

My objective is to control some outputs on a micro, which will be in a robot, from a mobile phone


I found this article on Jaycar site, and gave it a crack.

I’m not using relay board, just controlling IO direct

So I purchased the Jaycar XC4411 “Uno with WiFi”

Everything went ok with this project EXCEPT I could not insert the tool that enables Arduino IDE to “download sketch data”. This option does not appear on the IDE. I have re-installed IDE 8-10 times following the instructions, but NADA. Hence I can’t download the web server files to the board

So if you have any insight into this issue I would be very appreciative.


If I can’t solve the problem above, then I’m thinking of using ArduController mentioned in by Tim (@Core) in video with the Uno Wifi I already have

How would ArduController control IO of Uno, given the board has 2 chips: Uno and ESP8266? Can this combo work? What code is required for ESP8266 to communicate with the Uno chip?


If the above can’t work, maybe I could try RaspController with RPi, but RPi an expensive option (the kid I’m trying to help is a HSC student doing Design Tech)

I would appreciate any advice on the above, in the order above


Ross Dye

There is another way of doing it that is worth a try.
ESP32 VS Code PlatformIO: Upload Files to Filesystem SPIFFS | Random Nerd Tutorials

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Thanks Jeff
I’ll give it a try

Hi Jeff

I followed your link and found this

It says not compatible with Arduino 2.0

I am using Arduino 2.04.

  1. Should I ignore the warning? Do you know if it works
  2. Can I get earlier version of Arduino IDE?

Thanks Jeff

Hi Ross,

I suggest you stop replying via email, your signature is getting appended to your post, and will be on the public internet forever for bots to pick up your phone number.

Arduino 2.0 is an entirely different system to 1.X, it’s based on VSCode as opposed to the old Java based Arduino IDE. You can’t ignore that warning, but you can download an the Legacy IDE here:

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Hi Jeff

I found the issue

After seeing the warning re Version 2, I loaded version 1.8x of the IDE, and bingo, plan A works


Thanks Jeff

Ross Dye

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