Arduino as an HID device

Hi there, I am looking to transfer ‘keyboard’ data from an Android tablet to a PC. The issue is that when you plug the tablet into the PC it is recognised as another computer. Whereas I am wanting the PC to think that it is getting HID (keyboard, scanner, etc) data.

So I need a cabled USB > Arduino > USB solution where I can send HID data across.
note: the Android tablet has USB and Ethernet ports.

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Hi Michael,

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Before diving too deep into the project it would be worth doing some research around the USB protocol, namely - can your tablet enumerate as a USB peripheral?
I think it would be worth looking into more software-based approaches such as VNC or apps that let you use your device as a peripheral: use phone or tablet as keyboard - Google Search

The Arduino approach definitely has the cool factor but might take a bit longer :slight_smile:

Hi Liam,

While we have a new tablet coming ( - at this point we do not believe that it has the ability to enumerate as a USB peripheral.

While the tablet can be used to send HID data via bluetooth - and we have done that using the Intellitto Bluetooth Keyboard Emulator (, because Bluetooth can have connectivity and drop out issues, we are wanting to have ‘hard-wired’ solution.

Currently we have a solution that uses an Ethernet to Serial & HID Keyboard Converter ( which is a way to send the HIP over i/p.

It can be a challenge to set up the Ethernet to Serial & HID Keyboard Converter which is why our preference is a hardwired plug’n’play USB arduino solution

We will need the arduino to be ‘child’ with our tablet and ‘host’ with the PC.

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Hi Michael,

It might be worth sending an email to the manufacturers asking about this capability.
Arduino and microcontrollers in general are very versatile but if you aren’t able to get the inputs from the tablet (which is what the ethernet adapter is doing through a different protocol).