Arduino, Particle, Simblee

I need to use an Arduino, Particle, or Simblee based solution to detect the direction and speed of wind, on my phone. I understand I will require an anomometer and Arduino ESP8266. Although I am unsure of how to code this and create a circuit.

G’day Jade, that’s a fairly advanced project idea. If you’re not already familiar with Arduino or something similar you have a decent learning curve ahead of you! :wink: So I guess “where to from here” depends on where you’re up to with your maker skills.

Googling for “Arduino anemometer” turns up a few project that might be just what you want. Have a look at the Arduino for Beginners workshop to give you a taste of what lies ahead if you’re just getting started. There’s no reason you can’t try a few simpler projects first to give you the confidence to do something more complicated.

Good luck with your projects.

  • Chris