Arduino Workshop 1/2/18

Last night we ran another Arduino Workshop which was a lot of fun. We covered off on all of the basic content, plus looked at a few extra challenges involving decision making and case logic.

The most notable aspect of the night was the participation of Luke who is completely blind, still in high school and was assisted by an engineer called Simon. Using software Simon has created for his laptop, Luke was able to not just follow along with the workshop, but knock it out of the park with some interesting project ideas, and a great handle of Arduino programming. It's always inspiring to see the backgrounds of our workshop participants, and last night was certainly no exception.

Remember that if you're not able to make it in for our in-house workshop, but you're interested in learning about Arduino, then I'd recommend our online Arduino course which is available for free, and covers off on almost 5x the content that we get through in a single Workshop. It's perfect for learning at home or on-the-go, and if you get stuck along the way, we're here to help!

Book a session today if you'd like to join one of our Arduino Workshops. Likewise, we're here to help if you're looking for Arduino in Australia,

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