Automate your caffiene regimen with this quick Raspberry Pi Project

Caffeine is undoubtedly the most important drug in the world. And Tea boasts a great amount of caffeine, not to mention the added health benefits. Plop a tea bag in a cup, add some boiling water and 80-90 seconds later you have a perfect cuppa! Obviously, that simplicity is wasted on one maker out there and he decided to skip the wait time and automate the Tea brewing process.

The ingenious use of an old CD Drive alongside a Raspberry Pi can remove your tea bag for you, bypassing any chance of an over brewed cup. The code is very simple and all you need is a CD drive, a paddle-pop stick and a bag of your favorite brew. Check out the maker's GitHub here for the code and instructions you need.


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If only I liked tea. Perhaps my wife would enjoy this haha.

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Maybe you need to sort out a coffee robot? One that cleans the machine for you after use would be pretty cool :wink: