Best resource(s) for learning Arduino programming

I am new to Arduino-based electronics and I’ve initiated a couple of threads on this Forum related to a project through which I was introduced to the world of Arduino.

My posts in those threads demonstrate my poor understanding of Arduino programming and I would be grateful for guidance as to the best resources for an elderly (but keen!) novice to learn how to program in a progressive, orderly fashion.

Some resources I’ve looked at start out with promise, but then they seem to suddenly miss a few steps and become complex without taking the student through seemingly overlooked intermediate stages.

Are you done with all the in-built examples of the Arduino IDE? That is the best place to start. The next forum you may try is the arduino forum.

Hey Chris,

Hit up our outstanding Arduino Workshop here -

That will let you hit the floor running with Arduino. Sam put it together and he’s a phenomenal teacher. Video guides all the way through and a very pragmatic step-by-step approach for a maker.

Hope that helps and kind regards,

Thank you both for your suggestions - I’ll follow them up.

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