Bitcoin Lightning node

Hey I’m trying to build a pi bitcoin lightning node and need help with what to get, I have an article that i’ll paste in below but just chasing a solo system that I can just hook to my router and potentially forget about but also have access via touchscreen or remote keyboard for fixing any issues and loading up software etc.

Additional sources for hardware requirements


Hi Paul,

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Interesting links, I havent set up anything like this myself but going off of the links you sent through.
It doesnt mention a specific Pi but based on the use of an SSD its safe to assume you’d want to use the fast speeds from the USB 3.0 ports on the Pi 4.

A micro SD card is easy - 32GB should cover all images plus a fair chunk of onboard data:
A power supply: Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (Official, White) | Core Electronics Australia

As for a case, I’d check out our range: Model B Cases (v4) - Raspberry Pi Australia
Some come with an inbuilt screen, 2-in-1!

And an ethernet cable: RJ45 Cat5e Patch Cable 3M | Core Electronics Australia

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