BME680 Environmental Sensor Module (SEN0375)

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BME680 is a 4-in-1 multi-functional MEMS environmental sensor which integrates VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and barometer…

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I bought this SEN0375 to match with a Raspberry Pi Pico.
Others seem to have got it working with the Pico, but I’m having trouble!
Can you suggest a tutorial or some hints to get this done in MicroPython?
I’ve found a possible way forward using C, but want to keep it as simple as possible hence the MicroPython request.


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Hey Matt,

While this product doesn’t have a repository for the BME680 via the wiki, I did find this GitHub Repository that might be what you are after.
Check it out and see how it goes.


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There is a Python script there, but it doesn’t work on a Pico with Microphython, as the ‘import smbus’ call in the script does not work with Micropython. When replacing with ‘smbus2’, it gets further but then tries to import a ctypes library which it seems is improperly named ‘lizbar_ctypes’, but I think should be ‘libzbar_ctypes’. ‘Libzbar_ctypes’ doesn’t work with Micropython at least as I try it.
There is another tutorial which requires an ‘import board’ call, but board doesn’t work with Micropython.
So all shoud be easy enough on a Pi 3 or 4, but on the Pico I cannot find a way.

Hi Matt,

Since DFRobot hasn’t developed a micropython library for that hardware you might have to try your luck with another board vendor’s libraries for the same sensor.
Adafruit has a CircuitPython library for their BME680 chip that will probably work.

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