Capacitive Touch with Makey Makey

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Capacitive Touch with Makey Makey"

The Makey Makey introduces the concept of using everday objects like fruit, lead pencil drawings, play dough etc. to interact with your computer via USB. The Makey Makey acts like a HID device over USB, which means that it behaves just like a keyboar…

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A glorious moment in the YouTube video:

We won’t be needing this earth cable, so we can get rid of that (throws earth cable out of shot!)

Here it is if you missed it (1m13s) =)

Hi there. I have a makey makey that i reprogrammed with this capacitive code and it works great when i am plugged in my lap top(and it is connected to power source). but when i tried with my smartphone(that is on battery) it does need to be conecting ground to one of the 18 ins as happens with the original, not capacitive program. I do not know if this is a problem with my smartphone or it is the fact that in this setting the smartphone is not connected to the eletrical power supply, but battery only. If a plug out my lap top power cable the same problem occoured. Is there a way to work on smartphones running on battery ? Appreciate any help. Thanks!


Looking around online, it seems Makey’s capacitive touch isn’t designed to work with a floating ground. It would work best with a proper external ground.

Might be best to stick with resistive Makey circuits for mobile projects