Card making circuit problems

I make greeting cards with copper tape (conductive) and various types of lights (Chibitronics, pronged diodes or the teeny little oblong ones - I forget what they are called) connected to CR2032 coin battery. I usually weld lights to the copper tape as I find this gives most reliable results.
I understand how to connect circuits, but sometimes when I switch on the lights will be very bright. Other times same card will barely illuminate or just flicker.
Currently trying to solve problem with a card where 4 x 3mm flashing diodes connected to one battery and 1 x 3mm plain diode (non flashing) connected to a separate battery using same slider switch, but very careful that circuits don’t touch. Works fine one time… try a bit later and barely see the light.
Any suggestions which areas to look to solve the problem?
PS I found that when I connected the flashing diodes to the same circuit it caused the non-flashing light to also flash… hence the separate circuits and separate batteries.

Hi Nola,

Do you have a photo of your circuit schematic?

LED or Lightbulb brightness both depend on current and supply voltage. Poor electrical connections or an excessive number of lights will result in low current through each of the lights and hence low brightness.

I would nearly bet on the slider switch.Some of these are rubbish and fail regularly.
Hope you have a current limiting resistor in series with the diodes.
If the non flashing LED is in series with the flashing ones it will also flash as the same current has to pass through all of them
Cheers Bob

I couldn’t see how to upload a photo here. I can’t figure out why it is bright one minute and dull the next. I’ve redone the circuits and switch several times with same result.

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Could be slider switch and amount of pressure. But even when I press down to ensure good connection there is little or no difference. Have redone switch several times. Now… I have no idea about ‘limiting resistor’ on the flashing diodes, or what that does. Can you enlighten me? Haven’t done that on any other cards which all work fine. I understand the more lights the more current is needed.

Hey Nola,

A current limiting resistor essentially just causes the circuit to increase in resistance, and due to ohms law, this causes less current to flow through the circuit at the same resistance which will stop the led from frying itself by passing too much power over it.

You should be able to just attach it inline on either side of your led and you’ll be golden! (Assuming that’s the issue)

Is a resistor appropriate for card making? I redid the circuit board. I made a mess of the switch - so ignore as it is temporarily stuck together and will be replaced. I think I tinkered with the circuits too much and messed it up. It is now working OK except the switch needs replacing to maintain pressure for the top right hand light for the moon. The lights on the left are flashing are twinkling stars. Thanks for your advice.

Thank you for your suggestions/advice. See my post below. Now got it to work except need to replace the switch as I messed up the one in the photo. Seems when I try to alter/overwork circuits they tend to fail. Still so much to learn!